What are you doing there?

What are you doing there?

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32 pages | bound
Format: 23.5 × 32 cm

ISBN 978 3 946986 13 3

2023 Children's Jury Prize, Troisdorf Picture Book Museum
2022 finalist “Serafina – Young Talent Award for Illustration”

Little Sophie can hardly wait to visit the zoo today. She walks through the city full of anticipation and is already spotting animals everywhere. Aren't those two pandas sitting at the table in the café? Or is the lady with sunglasses sitting there all alone?

“What are you doing there?” sparks these positive ones
fantasies. In beautiful, bright watercolor tableaus we encounter exotic animals such as flamingos, jellyfish, sloths, alpacas and dragonflies, all in very unusual, surprising places. An invitation to discover and continue to fantasize!

Ukrainian and Russian translation available for free download: https://edition-bracklo.de/wordpress_neu/?product=was-macht-ihr-den-da-von-alexandra-prischedko-ab-5-jahren